The Smart approach to
personal style

Dressed not Stressed

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Approach your wardrobe the same way you do everthing else that contributes to your daily well-being, mindfully and with a purpose.

the ritual


Step 1. Book The Ritual

Our stylists are wardrobe gurus and mindful practioners. Once you’re paired with a stylist, you’ll immediately begin setting the foundation for a successful seasonal ritual.

Step 2. The Edit:

Invite your stylist into your closet to assess your wardrobe and identify your personal style in order to create your seasonal wardrobe plan & shopping list.

Step 3. The Looks

Welcome your stylist back into your closet to mix & match multiple go-to look, upload outfits to the Ren & Refined app and organize your newly refreshed wardrobe.

Book The Seasonal Ritual for $350

With access to our world-class stylists and wardrobe management platform, you'll reduce your wardrobe, refine your style and become a more mindful and conscious consumer. It really is the smart approach to personal style.

create space

With guidance from your
personal stylist


Working with a stylist is personal, which means it should happen in-person. Receive one-on-one guidance to create space, find your style & build a satisfying and resiliant wardrobe.


Observe & respond

Practicing a mindful approach


Space creates room for a new perspective. Once you remove the excess, you’ll see your true style has been in there all along. Receive tips to practice responding by being a more conscious consumer, rather than reactively shopping on impulse.


TracK & Reflect

Using our platform


Your wardrobe is an investment and should be approached that way. Using our digital wardrobe platform, plan, track and manage all of the items in your closet.

It's like your stylist never left. The Ren & Refined app not only tracks your investments, but it also sends you daily outfit notifications.