About Us


Based in New York City, our mission is to expand the definition of wellness to include personal style.  How we move our bodies, what we put in them, and what we put on them, all contribute to our daily well-being.  We created Ren & Refined to spark and cultivate a community of mindful and conscious consumers.  "Ren" in Norwegian (our heritage) means pure.  By marrying technology with in-person connections, we aspire to create a path to a more pure & refined lifestyle, starting with your closet.  

We've been on a journey, to understand how to help women feel more satisified and less stressed with their personal style and daily wardrobe. Through the process, we learned this has less to do with style and more to do with our approach to fashion.  Being the second most polluting industry after oil, we're consuming more at a faster rate, while feeling less satisfied and more stressed due to decision fatigue.  It's time to simplify by focusing less on quick fixes and taking the time to create more sustainable and satisfying solutions.  

Your closet is both a financial and emotional investment - let's treat it that way.