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Why Ren & Refined Wardrobe?

Asses, Plan, Create
The time, money and effort that goes into managing a wardrobe varies, but it’s something we all have to do. Creating a Ren & Refined Wardrobe, along with utilizing our wardrobe management platform, is similar to having a financial advisor. Each season, you assess your current inventory, determine what strategic investments (if any) should be made, and create a number of go-to looks. This process, sets you up for a successful and effortless upcoming season!

Become a Mindful Consumer
Maintaining a Ren & Refined Wardrobe means having fewer items in your closet, but more items that you love. Once you’ve put a seasonal strategy in place, you'll notice that you give more consideration to each of the purchases that you make. Is it on your shopping list? How does the item fit in your wardrobe? We'll also help you track the cost-per-wear of each item overtime, helping you become a pro at pin-pointing and making strategic investments.

A closet full of clothes you love to wear
The purpose of a Ren & Refined Wardrobe is to only have items in your closet that you love and feel good in. Going through this process every season, gives you the peace of mind that whether it’s work, or a night, you’ve got the perfect outfit hanging in your closet. It’s about cultivating and maintaining a closet full of clothes you’ll actually wear.

Clear the clutter
Building a well thought-out and balanced wardrobe on your own is a lot of work - it takes time, effort and a very specific plan. We’re here to help do all the heavy lifting so that you can begin to enjoy the results immediately. Clearing the clutter from your closet, not only leads to immediate visual results but psychological results as well.

Dressed Not Stressed
With a closet full of clothes you love, a shopping list of items for when the time comes, and a number of go-to looks ready and accessible at any time - a de-cluttered Ren & Refined Wardrobe means less effort and saving time.